Studio Recital

  • Music requirement: 2 memorized pieces

  • Large audience/non-competitive

  • For students who have developed firm note-reading and rhythmic skills and are mature enough to perform in front of a large audience

Sight Reading Contest

  • Graded sight reading is done during each school year lesson. Students accumulate points and their progress is marked on a map. The first three students to finish the contest receive prizes.

  • Sight reading is the ability to read notes and rhythms correctly at first sight. A good sight reading skill enables students to learn new music easily and is essential to the student's success. Sight reading also helps students to develop a secure rhythmic skill.

  • Appropriate for students in mid elementary level through advanced.

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

  • Music requirement: 3 to 5 memorized pieces

  • A comprehensive test of technical skills, ear training, sight reading and playing ability

  • Private audition with highly qualified examiner

  • For students with excellent sight reading ability who are very motivated to produce nearly perfect lessons every week

  • Participants chosen by teacher

Theta Music Trainer

  • Studio membership includes membership on Theta Music Trainer website, a website devoted to ear training and music theory

  • There are over 40 ear training and music theory games with 20 levels each, encompassing all levels

  • Students accumulate points for passing levels of the games and work their way through colored belt levels


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Piano Lessons for students from the following areas:

  • Haymarket
  • Gainesville
  • Bristow
  • Warrenton
  • Manassas
  • Centreville
  • Chantilly
  • Fairfax