"Ellen has an innate understanding of how to motivate and encourage children. Each child is different, and she tailors her approach and the lessons themselves to best reach each individual student. Because of this - and the respect with which she treats her students - children respond to her and eagerly work to reach the weekly goals that she sets for them. My son has been in Ellen's studio for five years now, and the progress he's made in piano is a beautiful thing to see, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. He has learned that, with hard work, he can accomplish tasks that at first seem impossible to him. I've watched his self-confidence blossom because of that. In turn, as he's realized that applying himself pays off, I've seen his self-discipline grow, too. Despite having had both of my children in piano for years prior, I didn't see any of these benefits. When Ellen looked at them, though, she saw their potential. She saw what they were able to do right then, but she also saw what they were capable of. She challenged them to work toward that potential rather than be content staying where they were in their skill -- and they rose to the occasion. I can't recommend her or her studio enough. If there's an opening in Ellen's studio for a student, snatch it up. Your child will thank you for it. "

Heather G.

"My two daughters wanted to improve their note reading and rhythm skills, so we decided to start lessons with Ms. Nordlof. She has a very professional program and method of teaching that suits our needs! We have been in Ellen's studio for 7 years and are very pleased with the kidsí progress. She is kind, patient and knowledgeable and we have had such a wonderful experience with her. My wife and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is seriously interested in learning how to play the piano."

Ajay Kumar

"My children have been students of Ellen Nordlof for 3 years now and I have seen their piano skills develop tremendously. Ms. Ellen is a Certified piano teacher and she is professional and organized in her class. She works with children very well. My children love playing the piano and I know that having the best piano teacher is a big factor in that. They love her."

Bern Gonzales

"It has been years since my two daughters took piano lessons from Ms. Nordlof, but her exceptional teaching is still fresh in my mind. Ms. Nordlof was different from other music teachers that we had known, from the outset. She informed us of her expectations. If the students are young, as was the case for my younger one, then the parents are expected to attend the lessons and supervise the practices at home as well. For busy parents that we all are, it requires a level of commitment, and it is well worth your time. I recall Ms. Nordlof's teaching to be kind, individualized, thorough and step by step. She was firm yet gentle and clearly explained how to approach each piece as well as how to play it. I also remember how patient and encouraging she was as my daughters learned new skills or pieces, or fixed old bad habits. She provided specific feedback and timely incentives to the girls at weekly lessons. Subsequently, my daughters learned to play the piano well and developed wonderful musicianship too. Seeing the girls develop over the years, I was amazed by what a superb teacher Ms. Nordlof was and by how dedicated she was to her students."

SooJung Kim
McLean, VA


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